Online Hangman Game


Hangman Rules and Instructions

Most people would have played the game Hangman when they were kids as a fun way of learning words and improve spelling. Now anyone can play with our online hangman game at any time and from anywhere they can get an internet connection.

If you need any help we've added the Game Hangman rules and instructions below.

Starting a game of hangman:

When you open this website a hangman game will be ready for you to play with the default settings. But you can start a new hangman game with your preferred settings at any time by clicking the 'New Game' button.

Game Hangman settings:

Select a vocabulary. It can be quite difficult playing hangman without restricting the possible words to a particular theme. We have provided several hangman vocabularies that you can choose from which are basically just a list of words that are connected by a common theme (e.g. list of countries or list of animals).

Select difficulty. The difficulty setting determines how many incorrect guesses you can have in a game. The options are Easy (7 guesses), Normal (6 guesses), Hard (5 guesses). All the difficulties use the same vocabularies and doesn't affect the possible words you will be given.

How to play hangman

To play hangman online is very simple. The aim of the hangman game is for a player to guess all the letters in a randomly selected hidden word in as few guesses as possible to stop the the hangman from being hanged.

When a player starts a new game of hangman a word is randomly selected from the vocabulary that the player selected. The word is displayed to the player as a series of underscores to represent the hidden letters of the word. The hangman player selects letters they think are in the word. When they select a letter that is in the word all instances of that letter are displayed in place of the underscores. When the player selects a letter that is not in the word it brings the hangman closer to his end as shown in the hangman image. If the player completes the word by selecting all its letters before the hangman is hanged then the player has succeeded. However if the hangman dies before the player completes the word then the player has failed.

Hangman Solver

Try our hangman solver tool if you get stuck with a word and just have to get it right. Just enter the characters you know and it will give you a list of possible words that fit the puzzle.