About Game Hangman

Game Hangman is an online version of the well known hangman game. Most people would be familiar with the game from their early school days. It is a game that is used for both its fun and educational value and can appeal to people of all ages.

Future features

At the moment only the most basic hangman features have been implemented. But in the future I hope to add more features where players can interact more with the game by adding their own vocabularies for others to use and to keep statistics on their games.

Technical stuff

The online hangman game you find on this website was built primarily using the PHP programming language. The game also takes advantage of AJAX for updating the page dynamically when Javascript is enabled in the users browser. This is what makes the game different from most other versions of online hangman which are built in Flash.

The main reason I built the site was to learn the new Drupal 7 CMS and hangman was simple enough that it didn't rely on other contributed modules which may not have been ported Drupal 7 yet but complicated enough that it takes advantage of various core Drupal hooks, API's and principles. Having built sites in Drupal 5 and 6, it was noticeable to see the improvements made in the new version of Drupal.