Hangman Solver

Hangman Solver

The word you want to solve. Replace the unknown letters with ? (eg. w?rd or h??g m??).
List of letters you have guessed that do not appear in the word (eg. kjhasd or zxcqpnksd).


Hangman can be a fun game. But like with most games where two people are pitted against each other it can be very competitive as well. And for the person guessing the word it can be frustrating when you don't solve the puzzle.

That is why we built this little hangman solver tool to help our fellow hangman players out. If you get stumped with a word or are just curious about what it was you can enter the details you do know, such as which letters have been guessed and where they are in the word or whether they aren't in the word, and our hangman solver will give you a list of possible solutions.

To use this tool just enter the word as you know it with the missing characters replaced with question marks '?'. You can also add the characters you have guessed that don't appear in the word in to the excluded letters field to narrow down the results.

  • Hangman Word: h??gm??
  • Excluded Letters: sdfjkl
  • Results: hangman, hangmen

However if we were to add 'e' to the Exluded Letters field it would just return 'hangman' and not 'hangmen'.

This is a very simple tool for completing your hangman game that we hope you will enjoy and put to good use. The hangman solver can also work for crossword puzzles and other word games. Just enter the word in the same way with '?' as unknown characters and leave the Excluded Letters field blank.